Windsurfing Renesse archive # 1:

27th of december 2008: Big Boxing day @ Barbados pics online @ Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue.com! Book your trip to Barbados now! Escape the cold and join us!

19th of december: Pirates of the Caribbean surfari!  The search continious @ St. Martin Pics online @ Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue.com!

4th of december: Bjoern Dunckerbeck joins Severne Sails!

28th of november: New pics online live from Surfers Paradise Barbados! click here!

15th of november: First pics update Barbados 2008/2009 on Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue.com! Book your trip now! Flights with Virgin Atlantic; free transport surfstuff!

1st of november: 3 New photoalbums online! Album 1, Album 2 & Album 3!

21st of october:  Autumn @ Renesse!!! Pics update on Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue.com!

Björn Dunkerbeck goes Starboard! click here!

Windsurfing World Cup Sylt Live updates click here! Pics click here! Victor Fernandez (Fanatic) wins wave, Kauli Seadi (JP) 2nd, Klaas Voget (Fanatic) 3rd & Jonas Ceballos (Fanatic) 4th; 3 Fanatic riders in the top 4! read more...

Kelly Slater Wins 9th ASP World Tour Title! read more Congrats Kelly!!!

6th of october: Fanatic Boarder's World newsletter 05/08 online @ WindsurfingRenesse.nl!

2nd of october:  BIGGG day @ Renesse!!! Pics update on Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue.com!

Kelly Slater has won his 5th event of the season! Slater could grab the 2008 ASP World Title at the next stop... read more

Brian Talma paddles around Barbados in 16 hours!!! read more...!

19th of september: Pics update on Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue.com!

18th of september: Fanatic New Wave Twin TE 84 Testwinner in the Big Twin Fin Test Boardseeker magazine! click here!

16th of september: Fanatic Skate 98 testwinner in German SURFmag! read more!

3rd of september: Twinzertime @ Renesse! Check out the latest pics on Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue.com!

27th of august: Dutch Skimfest 2008 "5th edition" pics online! click here!

20th of august: Windddddd @ Renesse! Check out the latest pics on Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue.com!

Dutch Skimfest 2008 movie online on YouTube! click here!

Dutch Skimfest 2008 goes international! The 5th edition was a succes! click here for more! First photos online click here!

Great thanks to all the spectators and our sponsors and see you next year!

>> The Dutch Skimfest 2008 5th Edition!!! 16 august 2008! click here for more info!

for the pictures of last years SKimfest click here

Fanatic 2009 now @ Windsurfing Renesse!!!

11th of august: First action shots with the new 2009 Fanatic twinser boards @ Renesse online @ Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue.com!

5th of august: New Arjen-in-action-shots @ spot X online @ Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue.com!

1st of august: 2009 Fanatics online @ Fanatic.com!!! Fanatic Boarder's World newsletter 04/08 online @ WindsurfingRenesse.nl!

14th of july: Fanatic Boarder's World newsletter 03/08 online! click here! Victor Fernandez takes the title @ PWA World Cup in Pozo Gran Canaria!

9th of july: Windy days @ Renesse! Latest pics on Fanatic.com!!! click here!

>>27th of june: New collection Rip Curl now in the shop!

>>21th of june Winddddd in Renesse! Check latest photos online @ Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue!

>>16th of june: Interview Arjen de Vries by Chris Welch click here!

>>4th of june: Comming soon: Fanatic New Wave Twin Fin Team Edition! click here for more info!

>>23rd of may 2008: Reef slippers best in test click here!

>>23rd of may 2008: 4 new photoalbums online! click here: #1, #2, #3 & #4 go check them out now!

>>16th of may new 2008 summer collection 7 Shores Clothing click here!

>>15th of may now @ Windsurfing Renesse:

>>5th of may Fanatic Boarder's World newsletter 02/08 online! click here!

>> 1st of may pics-update on Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue!

>> 10th of april new photoalbum online Barbados january #2! Click here!

>> 10th of april New collection Banana Moon, Hurley & Reef now in the shop!

>>1st of april new photoalbum online Barbados january 2008! Click here!

>>21st of march new 2008 spring collections of Realm & Rip Curl now in the shop!!!

>>6th of march New Speed World Record 90,91 km/h! click here!

>>1st of march: Shop open again & new salesmanager Stefan Potthoff joining the team!

>>29th of february update pics on Fanatic.com! click here!

>>24th of february update pics on Fanatic.com! click here!

>>19th of february first pics of the Watermen Festival 2008 online @ ChrisWelchPhotos.com!

>>15th of february new watershot photos by Chris Welch online @ Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue.com! More pics check out ChrisWelchPhotos.com!

>>8th of february WindsurfingRenesse.nl Travelstory online @ MauiSails.com! click here!

>>1st of february photo-update of a epic windsurfsession @ Silver Sands Barbados click here!!!

>>24th of january Arjen pic of the day @ Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue !

2nd of january: Photogallery update! Click here!

Happy 2008!


Happy New Year!


Reef calender 2008!!!

now in the shop @ Windsurfing Renesse!

2nd of january: Photogallery update! Click here!

25th of december: Santa windsurfing pics online @ Stehsegelrevue! click here!

20th of december: Update new pictures from Barbados online!!! Click here & here!

11th of december: New pictures online!!! Click here!

1st of december: More pics online from ASP Reef Classic 2007 @ Barbados! Click here!

Pics ASP Reef Classic Barbados 2007 online @ ChrisWelchPhotos.com click here!

10th of November: First pics winterseason Barbados 2007-2008 online! For bookings click here or surf to: SurftoBarbados.com!

29th of October: Brian Talma SUP Cover on Dutch Surf magazine & article about Barbados with pics by Arjen de Vries!

click on photo for full article!

25th of October: Stand Up Paddle Surfing news click here!

>>2nd of October: Fanatic newsletter "Boarder's world 03.07" online @ our homepage! Team Fanatic kicks ass @  World Cup in Sylt!

>>1st of October, Scott McKercher @ Windsurfing Renesse!!! Presenting his new book/dvd  " Ocean Flow"  euro 39 now in the shop!

dvd trailer book slideshow

>>27th of September pics SurfFestival 2007 online!

>>24th of September: New Wintercollection from Rip Curl, Realm & Hurley!  Megawarm winter wetsuits from Xcel (Infinity), Pro Limit, Sola & Rip Curl (E-bomb, F-bomb, Core and Classic)! Now in the shop!

>>21st of September: SUP Stand Up Paddle surfing pics with Brian Talma @ Renesse's Northshore online!!!

First pics SurfFestival online @ Fanatic.com, more comming soon...

14-16 September 2007!  Special guest Brian Talma!!!

>>September 10th Northwester storm in Renesse!! Windsurfaction shots online @ Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue.com

>>Photoalbum update with SUP stand up padde surfing in Domburg, Haamstede, Brouwersdam & Renesse Northshore! Do it standing up!!! The fastest growing new watersport; longboardsurfing, stand up paddle surfing, windsurfing, beginner-windsurfing all in one board!!!

>> First action shots Fanatic 2008 online @ Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue.com!!!

>> August 22nd: Windsurfing Renesse on the website of MauiSails.com!!!

>> The Dutch Skimfest 2007 4th edition huge succes click here for article in newspaper! Click here for the first pics!!!<<

>> The Mission 25&26th of august @ da Brouwersdam!

The Dutch Skimfest 2007 saturday 18th of august @ Vuurtorenpad Haamstede! Click here for more info!

>> August 11th: Fanatic 2008 @ Windsurfing Renesse!!! Come and see the new 2008 boards!

>> 9th of august: New photoalbum "Surfing @ da Northshore of Renesse" online !!! Click here!

>> 7th of august; Loooooooooooooongest surfboard ever @ Windsurfing Renesse!!! .....................?!?!?!

>>4th August; more windsurfaction shots on fanatic.com & stehsegelrevue.com + new Summersurf 2007 album in da photogallery!

>> July 31st: Super surf @ Renesse; see latest photo! More pics coming soon...

>> July 28th: Windddd & sunshine @ Renesse; check out the action shots @ Fanatic.com !

>> July 21st: Starboard 2008!!! Pure Acid, Evo XTV, Kombat & Flare available NOW!!!

>> July 14th: More pics online Barbados Summer Surf 2007 Album #2! Go check them out!

>> July 6th: Summer?!? No way ... First  New Wintercollection Rip Curl 2007/2008 now @ Windsurfing Renesse!!! come check it out!

>> June 27th: First pics new photoalbum Barbados Summer Surf 2007 online with Brian Talma & Arjen stand up paddle surfing! Much more coming soon... Keep surfing WindsurfingRenesse.nl for updates!

>> June 25th: Windsurfing Renesse & Skimboarding in Surf'n Beach click here!

>> June 21st: Even more Barbados summer surfpics as pic of the day @ Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue.com!!! 

>> June 16th: More Barbados summer surfpics as pic of the day @ Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue.com!!! 

>> June 15th: Arjen's Barbados summer surfpics as pic of the day @ Fanatic.com & Stehsegelrevue.com!!! 

>> June 12th New!!! Stand up paddle surfing @ Windsurfing Renesse! Click here for more info!

>> June 1st: Billabong jeans from euro 95 now 59!!!

>> May 27th: Fanatic newsletter Boarder's world 01.07 online @ WindsurfingRenesse.nl!

>> May 24th: MEGA OFFER COMPLETE WINDSURFSETS!!! Complete sets, ready to surf away now from €899!!! click here for more info!

>> May 18th: Naish 2007 kiteboards Sol & Haze now @ Windsurfing Renesse!

>>  May 15th: NEW NEW NEW Angulo T shirts @ Windsurfing Renesse!

>>  May 12&13th: Starboard Pro Kids Freestyle Event + Starboard Test Weekend @ Brouwersdam!

>> April 24th: New 2007 Victoria Skimboards, travelbags, archbars, grippads, clothing, caps etc. etc.  now @ Windsurfing Renesse!!!

>> April 19th: New 2007 collection 7 Shores from down under Australia now @ Windsurfing Renesse!

>> April 12th: New summer 2007 Banana Moon collection in da shop; bikini's, dresses, tops, shorts etc. etc.

>> March 28th: New 2007 Hurley collection @ Windsurfing Renesse! Spring is in the air!

>> March 9th: Album #4 Big wave expedition Watermen Festival 2007 @ Barbados online! Click here! More pics on da way...

>> March 6th: Album #3 Watermen Festival 2007 @ Barbados online! Click here! More pics on da way...

>> March 1st: Pics Watermen Festival 2007 day 2, hosted by Brian Talma & Josh Stone online! Click here! Many more pics coming soon...

>>  February 25th: Pics Watermen Festival 2007 day 1, hosted by Brian Talma & Josh Stone online! click here! Many more pics coming soon... keep surfing www.windsurfingrenesse.nl

>>  February 17th: First pics Watermen Festival 2007 online click here and then click <gallery> then "Aerial", "Watermen Fesitval 2007" & "Barbados Life" pics provided by www.barbados-photography.com more pics coming soon... Keep surfing www.windsurfingrenesse.nl!

>>  February 16th-23rd: Watermen Festival @ Barbados! Wind-, kite- & surfing,  hosted by Brian Talma , co hosted by Josh Stone (Hawaii)!!! Also competing Taty & Tonky Frans,  Kiri Throde (Bonaire),  Diony Guadagnino (Venezuela), Andre Phillips (Antigua). Competitors from USA, Hawaii, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, England, Curacao, Jamaica etc. etc.

>>  February 6th: New photoalbum On surfari with Brian Talma @ Barbados! online now! click here

>>  January 26th: On surfari with Brian Talma @ Barbados! First pics online... click here!

>>  January 25th: On surfari with Brian Talma @ Barbados! New photoalbum coming soon...

>>  January 6th: NEW Red Bull Storm Chase  DVD out now! €34,90 now @ Windsurfing Renesse! click here for more info! trailer

>>  January 2nd: New 2007 Rip Curl Collection, summer has allready started @ Windsurfing Renesse:-)

>>  January 1st: Happy New Year!!! Windddddd in Renesse during old&new click here, here and here!

>>  December 27th:  Reef calender 2007! now @ Windsurfing Renesse! Euro 11,95!

>>  December 22nd: Merry X-mas from Santa Claus @ fanatic.com & stehsegelrevue.com!

>>  December 18th: Santa Claus windsurfing @ Barbados! click here! or here!

>>  December 14th: Windsurfaction pics from Barbados online @ Fanatic.com! More pics on da way... Keep surfing www.windsurfingrenesse.nl!

>>  November 22th: First windsurfaction pics from Barbados online @ Fanatic.com!

>>  November 20th: 8 Times World Champion Kelly Slater surfing Barbados! first pics online, more comming... keep surfing www.windsurfingrenesse.nl and have a nice day:-)!

>>  November 13th: 8 Times World Champion Kelly Slater surfing Barbados!

>>  November 8th: First pics Reef Classic 2006 on Barbados online! 

>>  November 7th: Caribbean Surf Network contest @ Barbados! click here!

>>  November 2nd: Reef Classic on Barbados! click here!

>>  November 1st: Fanatic newsletter Boarder's world 04.06 online @ WindsurfingRenesse.nl!

>>  October 30th: NEW! Reef calender 2007! now @ Windsurfing Renesse! 

>>  October 28th: "Latina in Holland", travelstory from Yoli de Brendt, Team Fanatic @ Windsurfing Renesse online @ Soulrider.com! Click here! & on Dailey Dose.de Click here!

>>  October 27th: Update photogallary album "Summer surfaction 2006" Check it out now! Arjen & his brandnew Fanatic New Wave Team Edition @ Fanatic.com as pic of the day!

>>  October 24th: New Fanatic DVD " Adicted to ride 2" available now @ Windsurfing Renesse!

>>  October 21 & 22th: Test weekend!  2007 Fanatic, Starboard, Maui Sails, Severne & Tushingham Sails @ da Brouwersdam/Kabbelaarsbank.

>>  October 20th: New Stormriderguide; Europe, the continent now @ Windsurfing Renesse!

>>  October 13th: Kelly Slater 8 times world champion!!! Congratulations Kelly!!!

>>  October 10th: New;  Al Merrick CI Surfboards  from Kelly Slater now @  Windsurfing Renesse!

>>  October 3rd: Arjen ripping his 2007 Fanatic Allwave @ da Brouwersdam @ Fanatic.com as pic of the day!

>>  September 20th: Yoli & Tom Brendt, Team Fanatic visiting Windsurfing Renesse and windsurfing @ da Brouwersdam

>>  September 20th: New Surftech softtop skimboards on stock again! New Bear surfboard " Wombat" @ da shop! Come check us out...

>>  August 15th: Arjen surfing the 2007 Fanatic New Waves @ Renesse as pic of the day @ Fanatic.com!

>>  August 14th: Skimfest 2006 huge succes! First pics online check them out!

>>  August 12th: Skimfest 2006 @ Haamstede Vuurtorenpad @ da lighthouse! Be there!

>>  August 7th:  Fanatic newsletter "Boarder's world 03.06" online @ our homepage!

>>  August 6th: New 2007 Fanatic wave boards in action @ da Brouwersdam & as pic of the day on Fanatic.com!

>>  August 1st: Fanatic Newwave, Freewave & Allwave 2007 now @ Windsurfing Renesse!!!

>>  August 1st: Endless summer??? No way!!! New 2007 Rip Curl Wintercollection now @ Windsurfing Renesse!

>>  July 19th:  New: Kitetube repairservice Mistertube.nl @ Windsurfing Renesse! Professional kites repairservice.

>>  June 9th: The first comprehensive spotguide for kite and windsurfing in Europe English version is out now! Contains over 1.500 kite and windsurfing spots in 15 countries. Now in our shop! German or English!

>>  June 8th: New photoalbum with Brian Talma @ 15 Years Windsurfing Renesse online!

>>  May 26th: Arjen & Brian @ Fanatic.com pic of the day!!! 

>>  May 15th-21st: Brian Talma @ Windsurfing Renesse=!!!

>>  May 13&14th: Starboard Pro Kids Freestyle Event + Starboard Test Weekend @ Brouwersdam!

>>  May 6&7th: Airush Testweekend @ Vrouwenpolder! Test all the new 2006 Airush Kites!

>>  April 26th:  15 Years Windsurfing Renesse!!! 15 Special Offers!!! click here!

>>  April 24th: New Chiemsee 2006 collection @ Windsurfing Renesse! 

>>  April 17th: Final update Photoshoot Barbados 2006!  Last album #6! Check them out now...

>>  April 13th: Update Photoshoot Barbados 2006! New albums! Check them out now...

>>  April 10th: New 2006 collection from Cool ShoeMormaii, Jenna, Reef & Hang Loose @ Windsurfing Renesse

>>  April 4th: New Cult  Wear 2006! New @ Windsurfing Renesse!

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