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We present you the new 100% carbon booms hand made in our workshop. (100% EU made). Reduced diameter, durability, minimum weight and extreme rigidity provided by a new construction with carbon K12. 

Our unique longitudinal shape of the tubes provides a perfect ergonomics position of the body and reduces also the tiredness, the position of the arms is completely natural and balanced. With the wider boom tail we can give more profile to our sail, especially in larger sizes, which has a lateral point more furter to the tail.


  • SBT waves full carbon boom. 
  • Double monocoque. 
  • Hand made 100% in Spain. 
  • 100% carbon K12.
  • Organic resin.
  • Reduced diameter of 25.5 mm. Diameter of the tube without grip. (The diameter that is announced by most of the other brands is mostly WITHOUT the grip).
  • Customizable measures. 
  • Head and continuous tube without screws. 
  • Unique longitudinal shape of the tubes.
  • Carbon tail end. 
  • Adjustment with double pin. 
  • Customizable grip. 
  • Boom head and clew lines Formuline.
  • Weight: 2.30 kg average.

Dimensions: 135-170 | 140-190 | 150 to 200 | 160-210

Gallery: click here.



Very soon we will be starting with the production of Slalom and Race booms.






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