WINDSURFING RENESSE organises complete holiday packages to surfer's paradise Barbados

Happy island in the sun, for more then 25 years!


Flights, transfers, carrental, accommodations, surfrentals & courses

Studios, self catering apartments, private houses, or hotels.

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Arjen ready to check in for Barbados @ Schiphol Airport Amsterdam Flight info on da way to Barbados On da way to Barbados... Da flight -route to Barbados Yeah man! Barbados seen from da plane! Da British Airways boeing 777 @ da airport of Barbados

  Bottom Bay @ Barbados Windsurfing Renesse @ work @ Barbados Paradise @ Barbados Martin's Bay @ the East Coast of Barbados Pietro Paccito on a nice wave @ Seacape Beach House Barbados  Tropical sunset @ Barbados Morgan Lewis Beach @ Barbados Tropical sunset on the westcoast of Barbados

Arjen de Vries & Brian Talma @ Brian's Shop @ Silver Rock 26.02.04 Brian Talma in action @ Barbados joins Naish Team! Arjen de Vries & Kelly Slater @ Bathsheba 11.11.06 068 Kelly Slater in the tube @ Bathsheba Barbados 03.02.05 Robby Naish & Arjen de Vries @ da beach @ Ocean Spray/Barbados 13.02.04 Robby Naish kitesurfing @ Ocean Spray 13.02.04 Kelly Slater & Arjen de Vries @ Bathsheba Barbados 05.02.05 

Windsurf- , surf- , sup- or kiteboard rentals + courses & surfari's from Brian Talma's "de Action Shop" @ Silver Rock (Naish Surf Center)

Brian Talma's 'de Action' Shop @ Silver Sands Barbados Surfers paradise @ Silver Sands Barbados View from Brian Talma's bar & restaurant 'de Action' Shop View over Silver Sands @ Barbados from 'de Action' Shop Delicious food @ Brian Talma's de Action Shop Silver Rock Beach Brian Talma frontlooping 1 @ de Action Beach Andy doing the bbq @ the Barbados Watermen Festival 2008  Arjen waveriding the inner break @ de Action Beach De Action Beach @ Silver Sands Barbados 

Brian Talma giving windsurflessons @ de Action Beach Silver Sands Barbados Tony 'sweetcorn' kiting @ Silver Sands Barbados Brian Talma teaching Arjen how to paddle surf @ de Action Beach Silver Sands


Brian Talma on cover of Dutch Surf Magazine!!! & article about Barbados with pics by Windsurfing Renesse/Arjen de Vries! read more...

or click on picture for full article!


Check out the slideshowmovies on Youtube! click here!

Windsurfing Renesse Testcenter @ Barbados

Surfboards for rent! Surfschool!



Windsurfing, surfing, stand up paddle surfing, kiteboarding, bodyboarding, skimboarding, sailing, diving, snorkling,

Aldo Pizzi I12 getting out @ Ocean Spray Apartments Arjen comming out of the barrel @ Freights Arjen sup  @ Surfers Point Barbados The brandnew Shinn board getting some air @ Surfers Point Myrthe skimboarding @ Sandy Beach Barbados 05.06.05 Sunset session @ Barbados Underwaterlife @ Barbados Swimming with da turtles @ Barbados Catch of the day @ Ocean Spray

big game fishing, horseriding, partying, hiking, sunbathing, relaxing etc. etc. etc.

Please check our huge photogallery with pics from the accomodations, the island, the watersports etc. etc. etc.

We have all the local knowledge and more then 25 years of experience to make your holiday on Barbados to a succes!

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 Flights with British Airways or Virgin Atlantic from Amsterdam, Brussels and London




or Condor from Frankfurt & Munich




Live amongst local top wind-, kite-, and surfers like Brian & Kevin Talma and Alan Burke. The sail- & kite repair is just next door! Roger Edgehill the sailmaker, windsurfer & surfer, will help you out!

Wind-, kite- and surf paradise!

Kitesurfing @ Long Beach Barbados 01.02.05 Brian Talma backlooping @ long Beach 05.02.04 Longbeach @ Barbados 1 Kites @ Longbeach Barbados 01.02.05 Longboarder riding a long wave 3 Long Beach Kite surfing action @ Longbeach Barbados 01.02.05 PWA photographer Alex Williams @ work @ Long Beach 05.02.04 Josh Stone getting ashore @ Long beach

Seascape Beach House 
    Tropical beach house in 1/2 acre coconut palm garden with 250 degrees breathtaking ocean view right @ wind-,kite- & surfspot for 1-6 persons
Seascape Beach House Cottage seen from the helicopterBeach ocean front patio @ Seascape Beach House The beaches @ Seascape Beach HouseKitesurfing @ Seascape Beach HouseBeach @ Seascape Beach HouseLivingroom with oceanview- & backsidepatio @ Seascape Beach House CottageArjen backlooping @ Seascape Beach House BarbadosBeach @ Seascape Beach House
Robby Naish & fans @ Seascape Beach HouseArjen & Brian in action @ Seascape Beach House BarbadosArjen stand up paddle surfing @ Seascape Beach House BarbadosArjen backside waveriding @ Seascape Beach House BarbadosEarly morning view from Seascape Beach House BarbadosCaribbean sunset @ Seascape Beach House BarbadosColourfull Caribbean sunset @ Seascape Beach House

Ocean Spray Apartments  

Newly renovated selfcatering studios and apartments @ waters edge for 1-6 persons

Sunrise @ Ocean Spray studio Sunrise windsurfing @ Ocean Spray 07.02.04 Windsurfing in da bay @ Ocean Spray Apartments 11.01.04 The making off da new 2004 Naish Kite video @ Ocean Spray 08.02.04 Aldo Pizzi I12 getting out @ Ocean Spray Apartments Redbull-Naish Kiteteam @ Ocean Spray 09.02.04 Rainbow @ Ocean Spray 28.01.04 The brandnew Shinn board getting some air @ Surfers Point Evening session @ Barbados Full moon @ night @ Ocean Spray Apartments Da surfing spot @ Ocean Spray 15.01.04


Surfers' Point Apartments

Apartments @ the beach 30 steps from the sea 1-4 persons

Sunrise @ Surfers Point Barbados Loft Sails Lip Wave & Sailboards Tarifa Freewave 85 @ Surfers Point Barbados The brandnew Shinn Kiteboards @ Surfers Point Barbados Arjen flying high @ the Point Barbados Arjen sup @ Surfers Point Barbados Kiteboarder + kite inside the bay @ Ocean Spray 18.01.04 Arjen ripping @ the Point Barbados Arjen sup  @ Surfers Point Barbados Aerial off the lip by Brian Talma @ the point The beach @ Surfers Point Barbados Fanatic Allwave & Maui Sails Legend @ Surfers Point Barbados Dave kiting in the sunset @ Surfers Point Barbados



Villa "Belle Rive"

("Naish Villa")

Belle Rive (french for Beautiful Shores) is a spacious luxury villa with ocean view for 1-8 persons.

Ideal for kiteboarders, overlooking Long Beach (kite beach).

Belle Rive was the location of the Robby Naish photoshoot/dvd/video "13 Daze"! trailer).



We also do have numerous studios in privately owned houses/villas located in the same area

All within 2 minutes walking distance from the beach, some included use of swimming pool.




Studio Villa Ernesta


Villa Ernesta is a lovely new studio for 1-2 persons + baby/child.  




For more accommodations please check  & present: 'Big Wave Expedition on Barbados with Brian Talma' on YouTube! click here!


BARBADOS  go check it out yourself........photogallery Barbados ...

The archives:

Barbados 2006 8 Times world champion Kelly Slater surfing in Bathsheba!
Barbados 2006 Reef Classic 2006 Surfcontest
Barbados 2006 Photoshoot - Album 1
Barbados 2006  Photoshoot - Album 2
Barbados 2006 Photoshoot -  Album 3 "Windfest 2006"
Barbados 2006 Photoshoot  - Album 4

Barbados 2006 Photoshoot - Album 5

Barbados 2006 Photoshoot - Album 6

Barbados Kelly Slater 11 times world champion) surfing @ Barbados!! (2006 pics)  ( 2005Pics)

Kelly Slater & Arjen de Vries @ Bathsheba Barbados 05.02.05 


Read the full storie in"Transworld Surf" Kelly says: d "best surf of my life." "I'd call this a twenty-year swell, because I've been coming here for twenty years, and I've never seen it this good. It's not often you see waves like this ... ever ... anywhere."

 Robby Naish & Arjen de Vries @ da beach @ Ocean Spray/Barbados 13.02.04

Robby Naish + International KiteTeam @ Barbados Check out the reports and photos! + Trailer from Robby Naish Kite DVD "13 Dazes" shot on Barbados! 


Brian Talma reading the article about Barbados in the dutch surfmagazine by Windsurfing Renesse.           



Surfspots @ Barbados



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