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>> March 25th: New collections from Airush, Angulo, Banana Moon, Bear, Billabong, Chiemsee, Da Kine, Ezzy, Fanatic, Hawaiian Proline, Helly Hansen, Hurley, Jenna, Maunakai, Naish, No Fear, Pro Limit, The Realm, Reef, Rietveld, Rip Curl, RRD, Sola, Starboard,  and Tushingham now @ Windsurfing Renesse!!! Come and check us out during the Easter Weekend!!! Open 7 days a week!!!

>> March 18th: Update Barbados windsurfpics with Arjen de Vries & Brian Talma!!! Click here!!!

>> March 1st: New live update from Barbados; windsurfactionpics! Click here!!! More pics comming.....

>> March 1st: Arjen's windsurfactionpics @ Barbados on Fanatic.com as pic of the day!!!

>> February 24th: New update from Barbados; windsurfactionpics! Click here!!! More pics on da way.....

>> February 9th: BIGGGG waves @ Barbados surfed by Kelly Slater, Tim Curran, Ozzy Wight, Benji Weatherly etc. etc. Click here!!!

>> February 4th: Kelly Slater (6 times World Champion) surfing Barbados!!! More BIGGGG wave pics comming soon!!!

>> January 28th: New live action shots with Brian Talma updated from Barbados!!! Check them out now!!! More pics comming soon!!!

>> January 14th: New actionshots from the water updated of Barbados!!! Check them out now!!!

>> January 1st: HAPPY 2005!!!  NEW NEW Naish kitesurf video/dvd "13 Dazes"shot on Barbados!!! Now @ Windsurfing Renesse!!! Click here for Trailer !!! Book your kite/surftrip to Barbados now for winter 2004-2005 travel@windsurfingrenesse.nl !!! Action!!!! One week from euro 799 p.p. flight + accomodation on the spot!!!

>>  November 16th: Finian Maynard/Naish Sails breaks world speed record with 46.82 knots/87km!!! Also new gps worldspeedrecord 46.6knots/91km!!!  

>>  November 15th:  David White/Severne Sails hits 44.4 knots and sets a new World Production Speed Record!!!

>>  Oktober 29th: Olaf Marting sets a new record for Kiteboarding of 41, 67 Knots at the Walvis Bay Speed week in Namibia!

>>  Oktober 27th: Arjen's tabletop as pic of the day on Fanatic.com!!!

>>  Oktober 25th: Action @ da Brouwersdam!!! New photoalbum in our photogallery!!!

>>  Oktober 20th: Finally..... the pics of Brian Talma & Josh Angulo @ da Brouwersdam are on line in our photogallery Brouwersdam 2004 action!!!

>>  Oktober 18th: new new new Naish 2005 Shift System, 5th line design, now available!!! (click controlbars>shift system)

>>  Oktober 5th: Fanatic newsletter "Boarder's world 04.04" online @ our homepage! WSR Teamrider Kees de Krom wins brandnew 2005 Fanatic Freewave board!!!

>>  Oktober 4th: WSR Teamrider Myrthe van Doesburg in the American Skim Mag "Foreverskimthemag!!!

>>  September 30th: NEW NEW NEW Ezzy Sails 2005 @ Windsurfing Renesse!!!

>>  September 25th: DVD "the First light"/ Het Eerste Licht" Movie about the Dutch surfculture!!! 

>>  September 17th: END-O-SUMMER SALE!!! : - 20 / - 50 %%%%%%%%%%%%%!!! :-)

>>  August 28th: NEW NEW NEW!!! Victoria Skimboards custommade in the USA now @ Windsurfing Renesse!!!

>>  August 27th: Trailer from da new Naish kitesurf video/dvd "13 Dazes"shot on Barbados!!! comming soon @ Windsurfing Renesse!!! Book your surftrip to Barbados now for winter 2004-2005!!! Action!!!!

>>  August 24th: Pics from da "Skimfest 2004" on line @ www.skimboarding.nl click here!!!

>>  August 21&22th: da "Mission" @ da Brouwersdam!!! Action!!!

>>  August 20th: Brian Talma, Peter Volwater, Tonky Frans. Cheo Diaz, Gollito & Victor Fernandez @ da Brouwersdam-Noordzeestrand!!!

>>  August 19th: Josh Angulo presenting his new boards & in action @ da Brouwersdam!!!!! More pics comming soon!!! 

>>  August 16th: "Skimfest 2004was a huge succes, more then 500 spectators on the beach and 50 competitors in action!!! Pics comming soon... Many thx to our sponsors Realm, Eden Skimboards & Rip Curl.

>>  August 5th: Wintercollection Reef, Billabong, Rip Curl & Hawaiian Island Creations @ Windsurfing Renesse!!!

>>  July 28th: Da new 2005 (!!!) Fanatic New Wave & Free Wave boards @ Windsurfing Renesse!!! Come and see                        5 brandnew shapes!!!

>>  July 24th: New new new: The World Stormriderguide volume two!!! now @ Windsurfing Renesse!!! 

>>  July 16th: Wintercollection  Helly Hansen 2004-2005 now @ Windsurfing Renesse!!!

>>  July 3rd: All Angulo windsurf- & surfboards now on stock @ Windsurfing Renesse!!! 

>>  July 1st: Action shots "riders of da storm" now online!!! check them out now!!!

>>  June 16th: Da surf's up!!! Clean lines @ da Northshore of Renesse, check out da pics!!!

>>  June 2nd: Fanatic newsletter "Boarders world 02.04" click here!!!

>>  June 1st: New New New; Bear surfboards @ Windsurfing Renesse!!!

>>  May 13th: New new new 7 Shores Clothing @ Windsurfing Renesse!!! Inspiring travellers since 1991!

>>  May 12th: NEW NEW NEW Ezzy Sails @ Windsurfing Renesse!!! Josh Angulo's winning wave sails!!!

>> April 27th: 50.000 Visitors www.windsurfing renesse.nl!!!

>> April 26th: New pics from da skimboarding.nl/ windsurfingrenesse.nl Skimboardgathering @ Haamstede 24.04.04!!!


>> April 15th: NEW NEW NEW NSP SURFBOARDS NEW NEW NEW ANGULO WIND- & SURFBOARDS!!! @ Windsurfing Renesse!!!                            >> April 13th: Windsurfing Renesse sponsor van Skimboarding.nl!!! Its time to skim!!!
>> April 10th: NEW NEW NEW Reef clothing!!! buy a reef boardshort an get a free cd!!!
>> April 8th: New in our shop Maxim Sports Nutrition; The Drive, The Energy, The Power...
>> April 2nd: Windsurfing Renesse sponsor van Kitehigh.nl en Windfinder.com/Renesse!!!
>> April 2nd: Intervieuw met Arjen de Vries/Windsurfing Renesse/Kiteboard Academy Renesse op Kitehigh.nl!!!
>> April 1st: PWA Hawaii Pro presented by Severne Sails see our homepage #4 for latest newsupdate!!! Wave world   champion Josh Angulo wins first round!!!
>> March 27th: New item on our site! Videos!!! Click video's on the main menu! (or if you're lazy, click here)
>> Latest Barbados update march 26th!! go check now.....
January 9th - March 1st 2004: We're in Barbados! Check out the reports and photos!

>> January 1st 2004: HAPPY NEWYEAR!!!! all the best wishes...