!Barbados 2003 Live! Pics 308- the end

Da Windsurfing Renesse cars @ Bathsheba Soupbowl Cafe sign @ Bathsheba Soupbowls @  Bathsheba Da Bajan Surfbungalow @ Bathsheba ZT Surfboards @ Barbados Lion wallpainting @ Barbados Wallpaintings on da way to Bathsheba Rumshop @ Barbados Soupbowls @  Bathsheba Da beach @ Soupbowls Surfboards @ Soupbowls Paolo & fotographer Miguel @ Soupbowls Da water-fotographer Miguel @ Soupbowls Lifeguard Alex @ Soupbowls Da boys going in @ Soupbowls Amelia comming out @ Soupbowls Paolo Perucci cutbacks @ Soupbowls-Bathsheba Paolo wiping out on a big one @ Soupbowls Paolo ripping @ Soupbowls Paolo getting tubed @ Soupbowls Paolo getting barreled @ Soupbowls Paolo's aerial @ Soupbowls Melany from da Bajan Surfbungalow @ Soupbowls Soupbowls @ Bathsheba Speightstown @ Barbados Sunset @ da West Coast Da West Coast @ Barbados West Coast Sunset @ Barbados Da WindsurfingRenesse.nl mini-van @ Soupbowls Paolo Perucci 360 @ Soupbowls-Bathsheba Paolo with da underwatercamera @ Soupbowls Paolo Perucci cutback @ Soupbowls-Bathsheba Paolo Perucci in action @ Soupbowls-Bathsheba Bodyboard beauty Amelia @ da beach @Soupbowls Paolo & Melany in the line up @ Soupbowls Bathsheba Melany down the line @ Soupbowls Dread or Dead Surf Shop @ Barbados Dread or Dead Surf Shop @ Barbados Da palmtrees @ Soupbowls Da line up @ Soupbowls Bathsheba Da WSR van @ Fairly Hill Da sun setting @ da West Coast Amelia going out bodyboarding @ Soupbowls Paolo Perucci surfing Soupbowls @ Bathsheba Paolo Perucci jumping @ Ocean Spray Paolo Perucci flying high @ Ocean Spray Paolo Perucci nosediving @ Ocean Spray Paolo Perucci nosedive-landing @ Ocean Spray Paolo Perucci flying @ Ocean Spray(Goya 74+5.2) Paolo Perucci airjibe @ Ocean Spray Paolo Perucci airjibing @ Ocean Spray Da RRD-Simmer Surf Center @ Ocean Spray Apartments Da vieuw @ Ocean Spray Apartments Da Surf Center @ Ocean Spray Apartments Ocean Spray Apartments Room @ Ocean Spray Apartments Last picture of Arjen @ Barbados 2003 THE END! Arjen's surfstuff on da truck going to the airport @ Barbados