!Barbados 2003 Live! Pics 151-225 (6/2 20/2)

Real live pictures from Barbados 2003, trip organised by Windsurfing Renesse!!! Updates several times a week, depending on da action! You still can join us; book online now by sending an email to info@windsurfingrenesse.nl. Remember, the times shown beneath each picture are in CET! In Barbados it's 5 hours earlier!

Surfer chasing bodyboarder @ Brandon's Nasty wave @ Brandon's Big wave action @ Brandon's Local bodyboarder @ Brandon's Girlpower @ Brandon's Arjen backside aerial off the top @ Ocean Spray Arjen table top @ Ocean Spray Arjen one-handed 360 @ Ocean Spray Guillaume Dupont (F164) in action @ Silver Rock Arjen spraying @ Ocean spray Arjen one-handed above the waves @ Ocean Spray Arjen fighting a big whitewater wave @ Ocean Spray Arjen fin-grabbing @ Ocean Spray Arjen flying @ Ocean Spray Arjen ripping a wave backside @ Ocean Spray Arjen flying one-handed @ Ocean Spray Arjen backside aerial @ Ocean Spray Arjen going for a table top @ Ocean Spray Arjen waveriding @ Ocean Spray Arjen riding a clean wave @ Ocean Spray Arjen lollipop @ Ocean Spray Arjen jumping one-handed @ Ocean Spray (Goya 80 + Tushingham Rock 5.2) Arjen down the line @ Ocean Spray (Goya 80 + Tushingham Rock 5.2) Paolo  noseriding  Arjen's longboard @ Freights. Paolo riding Arjen's longboard @ Freigths Arjen taking off @ Freights Arjen surfing backside @ Freights Arjen surfing down the line @ Freights Paolo Perucci surfing @ Southpoint Lighthouse Arjen riding his Fanatic woody 9'0 @ Freights Arjen ripping @ Ocean Spray Arjen logo high line @ Ocean Spray Arjen riding logo high wave @ Ocean Spray West coast beach Sandy Lane @ Barbados Beautiful westcoast beach Sandy Lane @ Barbados Da  www.windsurfingrenesse.nl surfvan @ Barbados ZT Surfboards @ Barbados Baywatch tower @ Batt's Rock Bay Da  Barbados www.windsurfingrenesse.nl surf van @ Batt's Rock Bay Da Jolly Roger sailing along Paradise Beach @  Barbados Arjen table top @ Ocean Spray (Goya 80+5.2 Tushingham Rock). Arjen backside waveriding @ Ocean Spray (Fanatic goya 80+5.2 Tushingham Rock). Arjen ripping hard @ Ocean Spray Arjen flying upside down @ Ocean Spray Arjen one handed 360 @ Ocean Spray Apartments Arjen riding a big one @ Ocean Spray Arjen lollipop-jump @ Ocean Spray Apartments. Arjen windsurfing @ Ocean Spray Apartments Arjen singing a song with the Atlantic Ocean @ Harrismith Beach Barbados Harrismith House @ Harrismith Beach Barbados Beautiful Harrismith Beach @ Barbados Tropical Harrismith beach @ Barbados De boss Arjen @ Barbados Roadsign @ Barbados Concorde taking off @ Barbados 4 Concorde taking off @ Barbados 3 Concorde taking off @ Barbados 2 Concorde taking off @ Barbados 1 Concorde landing @ Barbados 3 Concorde landing @ Barbados 2 Concorde landing @ Barbados 1 Da shack @ Inch Marlow Barbados Da dutchies @ Silver Rock beach Kite surf lessons @ Silver Rock beach  Bird's eye vieuw @ Silver Rock Da Silver Rock beach @ Barbados Arjen one handed 360 @ Silver Rock Arjen fighting some whitewater @ Silver Rock Arjen big backloop @ Silver rock Arjen nosediving-landing@ Silver Rock (Goya 80+Tushingham Rock 5.2) Arjen waveriding @ Silver Rock (Goya 80+Tushingham Rock 5.2) Arjen ripping a clear wave @ Silver Rock  Arjen backlooping @ Silver Rock (Goya 80+Tushingham Rock 5.2) Arjen lollipop-jumping @ Silver Rock Arjen backside of da top @ Silver Rock (Fanatic Goya+Tushingham Rock 5.2)