!Barbados '03 Live! Pics 076-150 (22/1-6/2)

Real live pictures from Barbados 2003, trip organised by Windsurfing Renesse!!! Updates several times a week, depending on da action! You still can join us; book online now by sending an email to info@windsurfingrenesse.nl. Remember, the times shown beneath each picture are in CET! In Barbados it's 5 hours earlier!

Arjen backloop @ Ocean Spray Arjen riding da waves @ Ocean spray Rush hour @ Ocean Spray Arjen backsides @ Ocean Spray Arjen jibing @ Ocean Spray Apartments Arjen riding whitewater @ Ocean Spray. Arjen waveriding @ Ocean Spray Somewhere @ Barbados... Surfboards in da garden @ Barbados Little monkey on da beach @ Barbados Palmtrees @ da beach... On da way to Dread or Dead surfshop @ Barbados Dun wid dat @ Barbados Learn to windsurf @ Sandy Beach Da webmaster Leon & Nelianne @ Sandy Beach Babes @ da Sandy Beach Da Ship Inn @ Barbados Surfergirl Cherrian riding a wave @ Ocean Spray Apartments Da surfergirls @ Ocean Spray Apartments Three surfergirls @ Baby Beach-Ocean Spray Da fridaynight-rumpunch-party @ Ocean Spray Sun setting @ Sandy Beach Sunset @ Sandy Beach The mangrove swamp @ Barbados The Watering Hole @ Barbados Colourfull bags @ Barbados Fishing boats @ da St. Lawrence Gap Cafe or church @ St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados Nelianne @ Cafe Sol Cafe Sol @ Barbados Little birds on da beach @ Barbados Dennis's fruit& vegetables corner @ Barbados Bougainvillea flowers @ Barbados Nelianne bodyboarding @ Ocean Spray Nelianne bodyboarding on a wave @ Ocean Spray Nelianne & Morey bodyboard @ Ocean Spray Apartments Nelianne & Morey bodyboard @ Womans Bay Goodbye Maarten & Hendri @ Ocean Spray Apartments Hendri & the fully loaded truck @ Ocean Spray Apartments Da Ford F 150 V8 airport-transfer-truck @ Ocean Spray Apartments Loading da truck @ Ocean Spray Da surf&kite beach @ Ocean Spray Kiter taking off @ Ocean Spray Kiter flying high @ Ocean Spray Apartments Arjen one-handed 360 @ Ocean Spray Kiter flying one handed-leg @ Ocean Spray Deadman @ Ocean Spray kiteboarder flying @ Ocean Spray Kiteboarder grabbing his board @ Ocean Spray Arjen yeah man, no hands @ Ocean Spray Arjen no hands @ Ocean Spray Arjen cutback @ Ocean spray Arjen windsurfing @ Ocean Spray Apartments Arjen big table top @ Ocean Spray (Goya + Tushingham Rock) Da garden @ Ocean Spray Da gang @ Ocean Spray Happy people; Nelianne, Paolo & Andrea @ Ocean Spray RRD & Simmer Surfcenter @ Ocean Back @ Ocean Spray On da road @ Barbados Southpoint @ Barbados Hang loose @ Southpoint Local surfer @ Freights Freights @ Barbados Arjen & Nelianne in paradise @ Freights Nelianne & Paolo & da Surfjeep @ Freights Arjen climbing up @ Freights Arjen riding his wooden Fanatic 9'0 @ Freights Arjen riding another barrel @ Freights Arjen down the line @ freights Arjen riding a jewel @ Freigths