England Trip Album 2

Windsurfing Renesse exploring The South & Southwest of England.

Cream tea in Cornwall Tea Time! Sharks! Deli Fish Shop Old mine in Cornwall Hidden surfspot Chapelporth Small surf... The Bucket of Blood Pub St. Ives in Cornwall Typical British scene Cape Cornwall sponsered by Heinz Ketchup! The Last Inn in England The first and last refreshment house in England Lands End The Windsurfing Renesse Van @ Landsend Thanks for visiting Lands End Pub in Cornwall Cornish Sunset Carn Euny Ancient Village Adelimar at the entrance of the ancient village Inside Carn Euny @ Mid Summer Night The remains of the ancient village Carn Euny in Cornwall Back in Newquay Down the line @ Fistral Beach Newquay Arjen surfing the Starboard sup in Newquay Sup rush hour @ Fistral Sup @ Fistral Beach Newquay Arjen testing the Starboard sup in Newquay Starboard sup in action @ Fistral Beach Newquay Do not swim! Fish and chips The Windsurfing Renesse Van @ St. Michaels Mount Cornwall The boats to get to the St. Michaels Mount Adelmar enjoying the boatride to the St. Michaels Mount St.Michaels Mount Castle On top of St. Michaels Mount Inside the St. Michaels Mount Castle Dutch ship on a window of the castle at St. Michaels Mount Dutch text on a window of the Castle View from the St. Michaels Mount with the submerged road Amphibian Tractor St. Michael Arjen enjoying Cornish icecream with a 'flake' The road from St.Michaels Mount to the 'mainland' The road at falling tide The road to the St. Michaels Mount The St. Michaels Mount in Cornwall Beautiful Cornwall Adelimar enjoying fish and chips @ Newquay Fistral Beach @ Newquay Watergate Bay Teatime in Boscastle Delicious Cream Tea in Cornwall Hiking along the Atlantic coastline in Cornwall Woolacomb seen from the hill Woolacomb Beach Woolacombe's award winning beach Unidentified flying object... The Meyerhoffer longboard @ the beach The surf's up in Cornwall! Arjen surfing the Meyerhoffer in Cornwall Down the line @ Newquay Surfing @ Fistral Beach Newquay Do not swim! Wetsuit drying @ Fistral Beach Somewhere in North Devon Downhill in Devon! Welcome to Wales Somewhere in Wales Fox crossing the road in Wales Stonehenge visit on the way back home Stonehenge Windsurfing Renesse @ Stonehenge The last Cornish sandwich Detour via London Down town London Not one but two brandnew Rolls Royces! Driving at Piccadilly Circus Trafalgar Square The Tower Bridge Driving on the Tower Bridge On the London Tower Bridge The Big Ben in the sunset Welcome to Dover, White Cliffs Country Checking in for the ferry back to the European continent Waiting for the ferry in Dover Goodbye England! The 'Delft' in France Welcome in la France! Du vin, du pain et du Boursin :-) The English Channel in the sunset seen from the French side THE END!